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New aquatic centre in Antony equipped with Bodet systems

Ville Anthony Bodet 150pxThe new Pajeaud Aquatic Centre in Antony, Hauts de Seine, opened last March, housing two pools, a spa, and a 20m-deep diving pool.

Its time system features synchronised clocks from our Style range, as well as our Aquastyle time and temperature displays. This range of wireless clocks, developed especially for installation around indoor and outdoor pools, can be used to display pool temperature (Aquastyle LED Display) as well as all sorts of multimedia information (Aquastyle Video Display).

For the water polo played here, the centre’s large pool is equipped with a BTX6220A scoreboard and BTX6002 possession displays.

Thanks to its expertise in time synchronisation and scoreboards, the Bodet Group has been able to meet all the centre’s equipment needs.

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