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Maximise the educational experience of your students with Melodys Flash

bath academyBath Community Academy purchased its first Bodet Class Change System in June 2013.

As they were very pleased with Bodet’s products and customer service, the Academy has decided to purchase our new product: the Melody Flash.

Dan Copp, IT manager, explains his choice: “In a normal classroom environment we would recommended a Bodet’s class change bell but in a different environment where music and live talking will be heard and recorded, Bodet recommended the Melody Flash. The Melody Flash has now been installed into our Radio studio at Bath Community Academy which alerts students by flash that it is now time for them to move onto their next lesson or break/lunch time.

Before we had this product students would overrun in the studio with their recordings as a bell would not be appropriate in a live environment. Now that the melody flash has been installed in the radio studio, students change lessons on time as part of Bodet Class Change bell system.”

Since Bath Community Academy installed the class change system, classes always start and finish on time. As a result they can benefit an increase of the learning time up to 40 hours per year per student and set up class change schedules easily.

We believe that Bath Community Academy is now equipped to maximise the educational experience and achievements of each student!

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