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Daylight Saving Time this weekend: focus on the transport market

On the night of Saturday 27 to Sunday 28 March in France, the clocks will go forward : at 2 a.m. it will be 3 a.m. But the time changeover does not only concern France but also other European countries, and even beyond our continent. European citizens seem to be unanimous on the abandonment of the time changeover. What is the situation today ? Will Europe always be on summer time or winter time ? Will there be countries on summer time and others on winter time ? What would this mean for the air transport market ? Explanations.


Discussions at European level

In summer 2018, the European Commission organised a survey among citizens about the famous Daylight Saving Time. More than 4.6 million people took part and 84% of them would like the end of the Daylight Saving Time. As for French people, in February 2019, 2 million people shared their opinion : 83% of them would be in favour of giving up on the time changeover. But which time should we choose ? Summer time or winter time ? We can be sure that this topic is not closed and the question has not yet been answered.

What would that mean for the air transport market ?

 Today, any flight time modification requires a special process, which can be possible twice a year maximum. Giving up on the time changeover create a gap and time differences between European countries, that would not find a common hour. Moreover, the increasing of number of countries with different time zones but which are actually neighbours would make it more difficult to update flight schedules. This is why this measure obviously has to be taken in consultation with the air transport industry. Thus they will be able to anticipate the future of their activity, and cancel or modify their flight schedules in advance.


Today, the Daylight Saving Time is still in place and other business sectors other than transport are affected. To avoid trouble with your activity, there are effective synchronisation solutions. Thanks to Bodet's innovative solutions, time servers enable clocks to automatically set the correct time depending on your time zone.

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