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HMT LED 10 and HMS LED 10 New size for Bodet outdoor digital clocks

HMT HMT LED 10 150x150pxAvailable in models with legibility ranging from 60 to 200 m, there is now a scaled-down design of the Bodet high-luminosity LED digital outdoor clocks with a reading distance of up to 40 m

Ideal for outdoor use, the HMT (Hour-Minute-Temperature) LED 10 and HMS (Hour-Minute-Second) LED 10 clocks have been specially designed to withstand adverse weather conditions and temperature changes. In addition, the high-luminosity LEDs provide excellent legibility at night or in shady environments. For simplified use and configuration, the luminosity setting adjusts automatically according to the weather and time of day. Each model is available in a single- or double-sided version and in three colours: white, red or yellow.

These new outdoor clocks feature a digit height of 10 cm, giving an optimum reading distance of up to 40 m. Their digital display makes for quick and easy time reading. They are ideally suited for use in school grounds, on station platforms or in car parks.

Timekeeping is of vital importance in certain fields, and Bodet Time provides time synchronisation solutions for clocks networked within the same building. These systems guarantee a reliable, accurate and identical time display.

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