Synchronise every second

Secure the time in banking institutions with Bodet clocks


The banking business is a domain where rigor and precision are essential.

Bodet, leader in Time solutions, recommends various equipment according to its location.



For example, break rooms can be equipped with Profil 940 analogue clocks, lobbies and offices with digital LCD clocks and trading halls with multi time zones LED digital clocks. More information on Bodet clocks

Latest Bank installations with BODET Time:

  • Allen & Overy financial broker District of London United Kingdom
  • Bank of London
  • National Bank of Turkey
  • BCEAO Banque Centrale des Etats de l’Afrique de l’Ouest, Lome Togo
  • Salam bank in Oran Algeria
  • Banque Africaine de développement Abidjan Ivory Coast,
  • National Bank of Mozambique
  • Below is an example of an installation in a bank.


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